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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Facebook Watch VS YouTube

Facebook has decided to launch a platform to broadcast and exchange video files to challenge the control of the site, 'YouTube' owned by the Internet giant Google on this market.

The new platform is called 'Facebook Watch' and is now available in almost all the countries in the world.
According to a Facebook Post, "Watch" has been available in the United States since last year and is a Web site that broadcasts video files at the user's request, which means that users are 'the essence of the service' by facilitating the sharing and sharing of files Video on the 'Watch' site with friends and other users.

At the same time, the video product that is broadcast via the Watch site will receive 55% of the proceeds of the ads being broadcast with the file, while Facebook gets 45% of the proceeds.

It is reported that Facebook is in talks with major television networks to produce original material to be broadcast live on the Watch site.
Videje Simo, head of the Facebook video, said about 50 million people watch Watch videos for at least one minute per month, while the total time spent by current users is 14 times higher than at the beginning of the year.
Watch is currently available for Android phones, and will soon be available for iPhone phones.
Facebook also provides a service application for use with TVs.