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Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Next Big Thing in Your Guide To Immigration To Austria

In the heart of the European continent, the land of young people's dreams, Austria, whose capital is Vienna, is the best city in the world where you can live in 2018.

With the need for skilled labor, Austria opens its doors to qualified immigrants from all countries World, and in various disciplines, although the need for those with expertise in technological disciplines is the largest. Those who wish to immigrate to Austria with only technical and vocational qualifications without university qualifications can also go to the nearest Austrian embassy to examine their applications and ensure that their certificates are in conformity with what is required in the Austrian labor market.

Austria allows for the introduction of scientific competencies for work, but has also set conditions for this, which includes that the applicant's registration record is free from crimes and violations against human rights, as well as obtaining at least 75 points out of 100 points in the assessment of the score according to competence Age, educational level, family status, etc., as in Canada and Australia.

It is worth mentioning that the number of points increases if you are a sports hero or coach of a game; it is a country that encourages and supports sports. Your points also increase if you can get a contract from an Austrian company before you apply for immigration. In order to calculate the number of your points, you can do so from here.

In order to apply for immigration to Austria, you must prepare all required documents, including personal photos, certificates of experience, birth certificate, passport, and German language proficiency. This is the first language in Austria. 

You will be given a visa to Austria and all the countries of the European Schengen region for a full year. 
You can renew it every year and upon arrival in the country Austrian, you should go to the immigration department, office To run the country in order to provide you the right to work, and the provision of adequate housing as well.