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Monday, October 8, 2018

ARIJ is looking for an editor & head of data desk

Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) is looking to hire an editor and head of ARIJ data desk to join the team in Amman.

This position is part of the editorial multimedia hub at ARIJ where she/he will coach reporters working on investigative, especially data-driven articles and lead HUB DESK efforts to collect and verify data, teach journalists how to use that data for story ideas and evidence, and to fact check articles before publication.
Duties and Responsibilities:

1) –   Editing/Coaching

To coach seven investigations per year. They may not all be data-driven but will be agreed upon among the editor, the Managing Editor, and fellow hub editors.

  • The four multimedia editors along with ARIJ coaches are responsible for 10 basic digital, 22 short-form digital and 5 long-form digital stories over the course of a year. This editor will share in that responsibility, although the exact breakdown of stories into these categories will depend on the suitability of topics and reporters and will be determined by hub editors along with the ME or ED.

  • Coaching may include story idea development; supporting journalists in their research and data analysis;commenting on their proposals, visual components and drafts. Coaching also includes planning their investigation budget with reporters and follow-up on achievements resulting from these investigations. Completing an evaluation of the journalist coached also is expected

2) Developing and Maintaining Quality Control over ARIJ Data Desk

  • To oversee the agreed data desk strategy which mainly consists of 1) cleaning and quantifying the existing database; 2) developing and expanding the data desk, 3) setting up an electronic request system
  • To work with Data Technician and Researcher (both also answerable to the ME) to ensure the collection, purchase and updating of  new online and offline data, according to the agreed strategy.
  • To plan and spend the data desk budget according to the agreed data desk strategy
  • To produce training materials and presentations on ARIJ data
  • To track and report on requests to the Desk received and responded to.

3) Coordinating ARIJ data journalism and corruption related workshops
  • To select and coordinate with trainers on the agenda of these workshops.
  • Work with other editors to select the shortlisted participants and elaborate with them their stories’ ideas.

4) Representing ARIJ and promoting ARIJ Data Journalism
at workshops, conferences and global events as may be required and agreed to depending on workload by the editor.
5) Other Duties

Work with Managing Editor in coordinating global media projects when they present themselves
  • This includes communicating and signing agreements with the organizations in question, getting access to the databases, sharing data with ARIJ editors and journalists.
  • Coaching quota may include stories that come out of these projects.
Job requirements and qualifications:
  • At least 2 year of experience in research, and 3 years as an investigative journalist
  • Fluency in both Arabic and English
  • Good background in economic/business reporting
  • Strong background/experience in data journalism
  • Strong online data searching capabilities.
  • Efficiency in reporting and presentation.