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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Here are Therapists Self-Care Tips for journalists

1. First, know that you are not overreacting or being dramatic if you feel some type of way right now.

2. Give yourself permission to step away from the news and these conversations without feeling guilty.

3. Find something you can control, and do that thing.

4. Take note of where you’re holding tension and anger in your body. Then, consciously let it go.

5. Try diaphragmatic breathing, or deep belly breaths.

6. Try progressive muscle relaxation to get rid of some tension/rage before you go to sleep.

7. Move your body in ways that make you feel good, safe, and powerful.

8. Talk to people that make you feel better, and feel free to avoid conversations that you know will only further your rage.

9. If you don’t feel like talking, journal.

10. Have some go-to joy-makers in your phone for when things get real and you need to distract yourself quickly.