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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Here is the investment that can make you rich in a year!

The only investment that is guaranteed to make you more wealthy by the end of the year (and I don’t guarantee you will have a ton of money by then but I will guarantee that you’ll be further on your way toward a lifetime of happiness and wealth) is an investment in your own personal knowledge and skills.
Why do you think of the people who become relatively instantly rich (like lottery winners and pro athletes) end up spending or losing most of it? It’s because they haven’t learned what to do with the money to grow it. They haven’t had the chance to adjust their internal money thermostat.
By investing in yourself, you instantly become a better version of yourself. You become more knowledgeable so you know more about what to do and what not to do. You learn new skills and thus new ways to bring value to the world. You learn new tools, tools you may not have ever known existed had it not been for the education you pursued.
Here are 3 simple ways one could get started toward becoming more wealthy, not just by the end of this year, but for the rest of your life:
  1. research the 10 best books on the area you are most passionate about and buy all 10. Then invest all your spare time in ready them and understanding them. Once that is done, begin practicing implementing what you’ve learned to bring value to the world. Try to make a profit in your spare time.
  2. Attend a seminar or training on the subject that is of most interest to you. Make sure it is being taught by someone credible. Someone who has actually succeeded and grew companies and/or wealth in this field. Practice what they say diligently. Do everything they suggest. Don’t stop until you succeed.
  3. Invest in a mentor who will tell you what you should be doing, learning, and looking for each day. This is likely the way to shorten your learning curve the farthest. However, it is also likely the most costly. Same requirements in step 2 apply to this mentor. Many are not practitioners themselves and only teach. Make sure they walk the walk.
Do any 3 of these and you will be in a dramatically different place by the end of the year. Maybe in your bank account, but definitely in your mind.