After 15 years in extensive work in different field of media, I find myself more into training.
Looking after a new adventure is challenging when you are 38 years old and living in the middle east.
Fortunately, There are always opportunities if you want to enrich your experiences.
RNTC training center is one of the leading media outlets in the world that provides training for media professionals.
RNTC approach is based on storytelling, a concept that is bit unfamiliar in the middle east.

The first challenge for me was to leave my ego the moment I arrived to Netherlands, and to recall the idea that I am now a trainee seeking knowledge.  After 3 weeks of serious training, I can tell the experience is worth it. 

21 Participants from different countries in Asia and Africa met in Hilversum.
Some of them had a long trip, like my Lybian colleague "Rawan El Montasser" who told me her story.